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We overtreffen uw verwachtingen

iClean Exclusive streeft bij elke auto – jong of oud, nieuw of gebruikt- naar het hoogst haalbare resultaat. Wij hanteren altijd als uitgangspunt uw verwachtingen te overtreffen.

Wij gebruiken alleen de beste materialen uit de markt, bijvoorbeeld Rupes en Flex polijstmachines, stoomwash van Lampborghini Fortador en detail- onderhoudsproducten van Gyeon, Chemical Guys, CarPro en Cartec

Hieronder kunt u een korte beschrijving vinden van de behandelingen en diensten die iClean Exclusive aanbiedt. 


iClean Exclusive's detailing brings every inch of your vehicle to life, enhancing its look and feel significantly.


Our thorough cleaning service meticulously addresses every speck of dirt, ensuring your car gleams with a pristine finish.

Hand wash

Experience a thorough, gentle hand wash that safeguards your vehicle's paint while achieving a brilliant, unmatched shine

Glass coating

Our glass coating service provides a resilient protective layer, enhancing visibility and resistance to weather and road conditions.


The impregnation process offers a high-end protective barrier, reducing the impact of external elements on your vehicle's exterior.

Paint repair

Our paint repair solutions masterfully address scratches and chips, returning your car to its original, flawless condition.

Polish headlight

With our headlight polishing, we restore clarity and brightness, improving road visibility and safety during nighttime drives.

Paint Protection Film

Our Paint Protection Film guards your car's paint against scratches, debris, and UV damage, preserving its aesthetic appeal.

Ozone treatment

iClean's Ozone treatment eliminates stubborn odors, bacteria, and viruses, providing a healthy, fresh interior environment.

Remove decals

iClean Exclusive's Decal Removal service efficiently eliminates unwanted stickers, ensuring no residue or damage, restoring your car's seamless look.


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